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Pointe-Parent (Nutashkuan)

Innu Manteo Matikap Campground

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Located at the eastern tip of Route 138, this small village is home to an Innu community (Nutashkuan) and a non-aboriginal community (Pointe-Parent) that have been living in harmony for decades.

The primary economic drivers are a salmon outfitter, commercial fishing and construction. A traditional Innu campground named “Manteo Matikap” enables visitors to sleep Innu-style, i.e. in a white tent on a bed of fir branches. You can also request traditional Innu cuisine to fully experience life at the “edge of the world,” or more precisely, “at the edge of Route 138.”

The Natashquan river skirting the village to the east is also the border between the Minganie and Lowlands regions. The latter is the only region in Québec not yet connected to the rest of the province’s road network.
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