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Sunset, Natashquan
© La Copacte
Natashquan has not lost any of its charm after the opening of Route 138 in 1996. It is the birthplace of the great poet and singer-songwriter Gilles Vigneault, who found his muse in the blend of the town’s colourful characters, their experiences and legendary lives, and the beautiful North Shore landscapes. His poetry has touched the hearts of people worldwide.

Interestingly, Natashquan has been increasingly focusing on promoting its culture in recent years. Several initiatives now showcase the heritage properties that have marked the town’s history, e.g. the fishing camps, the old schoolhouse, the general store, and some of the region’s first trails, like the “early settlers trail” and the “portaging trail.”

This is one destination worth visiting for the music, the tales and legends, the history and culture, some leisure time, peace of mind and the fresh outdoors.

“GALETS” fishing camp

Known as the “Magasins du Galet,” this strip of a dozen small buildings mysteriously yet bravely huddled together on a peninsula, greets you on the outskirts of town. The town’s symbol and commonly referred to quite simply as the “Galets,” this fishing camp has recently been declared a historical site by the government of Québec, in recognition of its heritage and cultural value.

Their granite foundations since polished by the tide, these former fishing warehouses have weathered time, winds and sea mist. Once used to store tackle, salt and dry cod, and stow seal oil, they are now operated by Natashquan’s small independent local fisheries.
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