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Île-Michon and Aguanish

© Marc Loiselle, ACSL
Île-Michon is a pretty little hamlet located a few kilometres east of Aguanish. It faces many bays and small isles that are uncommonly beautiful. The prevailing peace and quiet is by far this small town’s greatest asset.

As for Aguanish, salmon fishing is what lured Xavier Rochette, a native of Québec City, to move his family to the shores of the Aguanus river in 1849. Over the years, he was joined by his brother Olivier and other fishermen from Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Aguanish is Innu for “small shelter,” likely in reference to the magnificent sand dunes at the river mouth that essentially shelter the boats and the town bordering the Aguanus river bay. This is a perfect swimming spot.

A guided excursion on the Aguanus river is a thrilling adventure. At the third waterfall, the river starts running along a sawtoothed canyon.

Île-Michon was annexed to Aguanish as a result of the Québec municipality merger process.
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