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View from Rivière-au-Tonnerre

© Meggie Richard
In 1853, members of the Cody, Lapierre, Lebrun, Boudreau, Blaney and Cormier families left Anticosti island after it was acquired by Henri Menier, and settled in Rivière-au-Tonnerre. They were this wonderful little North Shore town’s first inhabitants.

Rivière-au-Tonnerre derives its name from the specific thundering noises emanating from the many rapids found in the river that runs right through the town. This includes an impressive waterfall that drops 33 m.

The striking wooden church built at the turn of the 20th century by over 300 volunteers, and decorated end to end by a series of designs carved with pocketknives by the townspeople, will surely interest and impress you.

Rivière-au-Tonnerre is primarily a fishing town, especially known for snow crab fishing. For some years, the “Maison de la Chicoutai” cloudberry establishment has been successfully promoting the area’s wild berries, particularly the famous cloudberry that grows so abundantly in the Minganie and Lowlands regions.

Rivière-au-Tonnerre is already certified a “Village-Relais” and the town is striving to earn “Village-Vacances” status as well.
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